Mission Statement

alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. fosters the making of successful leaders by assisting and challenging our members to reach their maximum potential. We strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity and innovation in the promotion of sisterhood, philanthropy, scholastic excellence, and Asian-Awareness in the community while creating lifelong relationships.

Vision Statement

alpha Kappa Delta Phi Inc. will be the most respected, premier network of innovative female leaders within the community by:

  • Encouraging the growth of our members through cultural diversity and the expression of individuality;

  • Empowering our members to become pioneers for philanthropic, cultural, and scholastic programs worldwide;

  • Developing strategic collaborations and partnerships; and

  • Supporting initiatives promoting the sustainability of our organization and its mission.

Crest Elements

Creed: Love and Friendship

Motto: "Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood"

Colors: Purple & White

Symbol: Hourglass

Stone: Diamond

Flower: Iris

Mascot: Phoenix

National Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness

Important Dates

January 31: aKDPhi National Violence Awareness day & Valerie Zavala Remembrance Day

February 7: aKDPhi National Founder's Day

April 7: aKDPhi National Asian American Cultural Awareness Day

October 25: aKDPhi nationwide Breast Cancer Awareness Day







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