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Our Mission

The sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi creates a sense of belonging for women that nurtures life-long friendships, develops self-empowered leaders, and strengthens communities through service, scholarship, and Asian-Awareness.

Our Vision

alpha Kappa Delta Phi envisions a world wide network of respected. Confident women who elevate each other and their communities through compassionate, purpose-driven leadership that ensures diversity, encourages innovation, and promotes collaboration.

Crest Elements

Creed: Love and Friendship

Motto: "Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood"

Colors: Purple & White

Symbol: Hourglass

Stone: Diamond

Flower: Iris

Mascot: Phoenix

National Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness

aKDPhi Crest.png

Important Dates

January 31: aKDPhi National Violence Awareness Day & Valerie Zavala Remembrance Day

February 7: aKDPhi National Founder's Day

April 7: aKDPhi National Asian American Cultural Awareness Day

October 25: aKDPhi nationwide Breast Cancer Awareness Day

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