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National Alumnae Association


The purpose of the alpha Kappa Delta Phi National Alumnae Association is to

  • Continue the sisterhood after graduation

  • Provide a support system of sisters residing in cities or regions outside of their alma mater chapters

  • Provide a network for social and professional/career development

  • Coordinate events for alumnae

  • Facilitate communication with the National Alumnae Board (NAB) and alumnae worldwide


The National Alumnae Board (NAB) is a national organization coordinating the growth of alpha Kappa Delta Phi International Sorority, Inc.’s alumnae network across the world. The NAB is a separate entity from the National Board, which currently governs aKDPhi actives. The NAB maintains its own budget to fund alumnae-geared activities and works in conjunction with the National Board to govern the existing chapters.


As sisters of αΚΔΦ, our experiences as members have molded our lives in some way. We recognize that our time was limited as collegiate members; however, as alumnae members of αΚΔΦ, we benefit from a Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood. Our past has brought us together, and our future will help us grow. The alpha Kappa Delta Phi National Alumnae Association is committed to helping our members realize the potential of our sorority’s network by aiding their professional development as leaders in career, philanthropy, and scholarship. We will continue to develop benefits for our members and will continue to evaluate the successes of our programs. Our passion for this sisterhood will drive our dedication to the organization and its initiatives. With this promise, we will become the leading avenue for our members upon graduation and beyond.

Why Join

  • Professional Development: 
    Development of leadership skills by attending seminars, holding officer and committee positions, and serving as a role mode/mentor for younger sisters.

  • Personal Development: Being able to be involved in a wide range of activities where you can use your unique talents and knowledge to contribute to the chapter and your community.

  • Sisterhood: Encouragement of young women to learn and grow in the spirit of love, friendship and sisterhood; during college years and beyond.

  • Networking: Gives opportunities to network with local and nationwide professionals within the sorority and outside of it.

  • Philanthropy: Continuously give back to the community even after post-graduation by participating in our National and Chapter Philanthropy.

Love, Friendship, and Sisterhood Around the World

αΚΔΦ’s National Alumnae Association was created to connect the more than 7,000 alumnae sisters across the world, while furthering our mission and vision beyond campus life.

Chapter Alumnae Association


In the Spring of 2008, the Chapter Alumnae Association was formed to accommodate the desires of graduated sisters to network and stay connected to one another. It is the wish of the Chapter Alumnae Association Board to provide graduated sisters with continuous sisterhood support, to further professional development opportunities, and provide guidance to the Active House.



  • The purpose of the University of South Florida’s Chapter Alumnae Association (CAA) is to emulate that of the National Alumnae Association’s (NAA) purpose for our chapter by:

  • Continually strengthen our sisterhood bond among alumnae

  • Offer guidance and support to the Active House

  • Provide resources for professional development, networking, and continuing education 

  • Enhance academic achievements of Active House through mentorships and workshops

  • Actively participate in opportunities to raise breast cancer awareness

  • Serve the community through philanthropic efforts

  • Educate the community about Asian culture through awareness events



Briana "pRisma" Nguyen

Fall 21 | Alpha Epsilon Class



vice president

Victoria "diamAndis" Yang

Fall 18 | Chi Class



Justina "Blossom" Le

Spring 21 | Alpha Delta Class 


Phetdala "kAlei" Nguyen

Spring 21 | Alpha Delta Class




Shelley "Toblerone" Nguyen 

Spring 21 | Alpha Delta Class


Camille"oRēnda" Somchith

Fall 21 | Alpha Epsilon Class



Marketing Chair

Nancy "Primroséa" Chau

Spring 19 | Psi Class

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