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 Our sisters have found an unconditional support system; no matter how far or close they are. Being surrounded by so many other strong, independent, caring, and dedicated women allows sisters to thrive into becoming the best they can be with the timeless love and support of those around them. We hold inexplicable gratitude to the belonging aKDPhi has welcomed us with and feel so blessed to have each other for life. 


We always strive to achieve our highest academic potential. Our sisters are constantly pushing ourselves and each other to excel in our academics by holding each other accountable. Our sorority has sisters internationally with degrees in a vast number of fields. 


alpha Kappa Delta Phi proudly promotes Asian-Awareness by involving our sisters in multiple organizations that focus on teaching the community about different Asian cultures. We constantly encourage sisters to embrace their heritage while empowering others to do the same. 


Our pillar of Service is constantly represented by our sisters. We hold events each year to raise funds for our philanthropies, Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness. Sisters are always finding ways to help the community and make an impact in any way possible. 


Our organization challenges sisters to uphold the leadership pillar in many organizations. They lead on our campus and community. Our sisters are currently on the eBoard of the Korean American Student Association and 16th Annual Journey to the East. 

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