#122 Anna "feroZity" Vo

aKDPhi has given me so much more than I could ever imagine. From the constant support from sisters, the motivating critiques, the shoulders to cry on, the professional networking, random hangouts and study dates, and so much more. aKDPhi has helped me become the person I am today. I have grown so much and I hope to be able to impact others the same way aKDPhi has impacted me. 

#123 Victoria “diamAndis” Yang

αΚΔΦ has given me the support that I need for me to reach my full potential. Motivation comes from working on things we care about, and for me, it’s the sisterhood αΚΔΦ has given me. This sisterhood has taught me to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. In αΚΔΦ, you’ll always have someone there for you with open arms.

#126 "IlleKtrA" Le

Growing up in a city that lacks diversity, I found it really hard to embrace my culture around my peers. I sometimes thought that I was “too Asian” or “not Asian enough” and would fall into stereotypes that were not what I identified with. By joining aKDPhi, I found the people I can feel comfortable with and truly enjoy being myself with because they radiate with acceptance and inclusivity. My sisters take me for who I am and push me to my greatest potential. I am so proud to have sisters who can help guide me as a citizen in my community and as a young professional. With sisters of all ages and backgrounds, we help each other grow every day. Our network is so large, yet I still find the same values within each and every one of us. aKDPhi is about bettering yourself and those around you through sisterhood. That’s why I joined aKDPhi!

#4 Cindy “Allegrezza” Le

aKDPhi has brought out many qualities about myself that I would not have been able to find myself, I was free to be myself with the support of my sisters and encouraged to reach my goals. Through this sisterhood I have met so many wonderful women throughout the country, having an instant bond with them and being inspired by them.

#133 Angela "*SolARis*" Nguyen

Without this amazing organization and being surrounded by so many strong, independent women, I would not be who I am today. aKDPhi constantly pushes me to step out of my comfort zone and be the best version of myself possible. aKDPhi challenges me to accomplish my personal, academic, and career goals and has taught me so many useful skills.

#𝟏35 Karissa “Aristelle” Bolle

Being able to go through life and find experiences that would benefit me and leave me with memories of strength and fun, led me to rushing for aKDPhi. Being a part of this organization has also strengthened and germinated qualities within myself that I have expressed in my life outside of the sorority.

#137 Samantha “ReignZ” Le ⁣⁣

aKDPhi has given me the sisterhood that I have always wanted in life. To be part of a sisterhood with so many other strong, independent and beautiful young women is an honor. This sisterhood has allowed me to grow and blossom in ways I never expected, and I find myself continuing to grow not only in life but in other aspects as well with the support of my sisters. 

#138 Chelsea “Lioness” Luong

Being apart of aKDPhi will always be one of the most pivotal and memorable parts of my life. My sisters push and challenge me to be a better person in all aspects, and even when I feel like giving up, I know they will be there to catch me and get me back up on my feet. 


#139 Sara “Galaxia” Ma

Coming into USF, I didn’t really have any friends as all my high school friends went to other schools. I discovered aKDPhi and decided to go to their events. And when I went, I met so many strong, independent, and kind sisters who would constantly reach out to me over the semester to make sure I was doing okay. Ever since then, I knew I wanted to be a part of this amazing sisterhood. aKDPhi has given me so many new experiences and opportunities that I will always be grateful for! I can always be my best knowing that I have sisters who are supporting me every step of the way.

#140 Gina “VELaris” Ni

aKDPhi not only gave me endless opportunities but also a family. It has taught me that with hard work, comes great rewards.  I have also been able to improve myself in a variety of aspects such as professional skills and time management skills. I know I have the constant support of many sisters who inspire me to reach my fullest potential c: 

#143 Jessica “L’uxerida” Hamid

aKDPhi has inspired me to better myself by committing to values that not only benefit me but also the community around. I am constantly growing through the skills and relationships that form through aKDPhi. It has given me the ability to be my true self while being surrounded by strong and independent individuals to support me! 

#144 Olivia “viridis” Sanborn

 aKDPhi has opened up so many different opportunities for me. Not only does aKDPhi connect me to new sisters, but it has also broadened my horizons culturally and professionally. Overall, aKDPhi encourages growth in all areas of life! 

#141 Jessica “kalAni” Vo

While growing up, I found myself wanting to fit in with those who were unlike me. I never felt like myself because I was always trying to please others. After joining aKDPhi, I found myself not only surrounded by a supportive group of girls but also girls with similar cultures in which I can relate to. I feel like I can be myself around my sisters, and they motivate me to be the best version of myself. I have grown in ways that I never expected, and I couldn’t be more grateful for this sisterhood.

#145 Kristina “Astrèlyna*” Tosi

 αΚΔΦ has given me the opportunity to meet new people and connect me to individuals to have the same interests as me. For me αΚΔΦ is not just a sorority but a family to me as well. We build each other up personally and professionally.  Being in this sisterhood is a lifelong commitment in which you know growth and expanding yourself individually occurs.

#142 Thao “Commandment” Vo

aKDPhi has given me so many opportunities for many things in my life that I am thankful for. Not only have I been given many opportunities, but I have been able to grow in all aspects of my life. This sisterhood has truly provided me with unimaginable and endless love and support. 

#146 Maya “Rey’Mạnha” Waterbury

aKDPhi has allowed me several new opportunities to grow as a person. I have been able to create new connections and build strong friendships in a short amount of time. This sisterhood has provided me with a support system I didn’t really have growing up. This sorority has inspired me to grow in a more professional aspect and take on more responsibilities.