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Here we take the time to reflect on why exactly sisters chose aKDPhi and what it means to them to be a part of the sorority!

#𝟏56 Cassie "Affinity" Truong

Coming back from Covid I felt almost lost because I had made so many new friends, but I didn't know who I was myself, so I was constantly overwhelmed with who I was showing to others. I joined aKDPhi because I wanted to become confident in myself and proud of who I am, to be able to be the best version of myself and learn to constantly grow no matter the situation.

#𝟏52 Jacqueline "ELOquence" Norindr

aKDPhi has given me a strong support system as an individual and the opportunity to push myself out of my comfort zone. While connecting with sisters, I felt inspired and wanted to surround myself with these empowering, strong, and highly motivated women. aKDPhi has encouraged me to come out of my shell and open up to other individuals on a much more personal level. I’ll always be thankful and blessed to have found my home away from home and the best sisterhood!

#𝟏35 Karissa “Aristelle” Bolle

Being able to go through life and find experiences that would benefit me and leave me with memories of strength and fun, led me to rushing for aKDPhi. Being a part of this organization has also strengthened and germinated qualities within myself that I have expressed in my life outside of the sorority.

#𝟏50 Phetdala "kAlei" Nguyen

I struggled meeting people and attending events in my first-year at USF. A friend told me to come out to events, but I was afraid greek life would be too out of my comfort zone. In my second-year, another friend invited me out to an event aKDPhi hosted. I agreed to push myself out there and I ended up meeting so many sisters I found common interests with. The way they’ve exemplified the pillars were a bonus for me, and I do love the strong connections aKDPhi continues to have in the real world and with our Alums. 

#154 Briana "pRisma" Nguyen

I joined aKDPhi because I wanted a sisterhood and friends that I knew I could always count on. I grew up an only child so i never felt like I had that bond with anyone and  I didn’t have the best support system either. Coming to recruitment events, sisters were friendly and made me feel welcome. It felt like a second home and a judgement free place where I could be myself :) 

#158 Kelly "KITANA" Bui

I wanted to find a family away from home. I felt that the pillars of aKDPhi supported my own personal goals and would provide a strong foundation to grow into a well-rounded person while being surrounded by driven individuals.

#𝟏48 Justina"Blossom" Le

I have always been really shy growing up and I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone to interact with others and be more confident in myself. After joining aKDPhi, I have met so many confident and motivated people and have made such strong connections! This sisterhood has had such a positive impact on me personally as well as professionally.


#159 Wen "aKaRi" Chung

 I met some sisters through Asian organizations and some became my organization bigs through them. I didn't really know what aKDPhi encompassed but after meeting sisters and my roommate/bestie, they convinced me to come out and meet everyone. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming, it made me feel right at home.

#𝟏61 Tyla "Symphony" Ieng

I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and find people who I could truly connect with. Meeting sisters for the first time, I instantly felt that I could be myself around them as I was welcomed with open arms. I joined aKDPhi to become a proud and confident version of myself while being surrounded by an empowering and uplifting support system! <3

#142 Thao “Commandment” Vo

aKDPhi has given me so many opportunities for many things in my life that I am thankful for. Not only have I been given many opportunities, but I have been able to grow in all aspects of my life. This sisterhood has truly provided me with unimaginable and endless love and support. 

#162 Jennifer "hARuMi" Na

I didn't have many female friends, cousins, or siblings growing up and naturally, I didn't have a chance to experience sisterhood. After meeting many sisters and going out to rush events I really liked the sisterhood and the support system that aKDPhi has. Also, because I just moved here and I don't have my biological family with me, I wanted to improve myself and find people I can really click with and can be my second family. aKDPhi has offered me that by helping me feel more confident in myself and giving me all the sisters, LSs, my lineage and my Big.

#151 Shelley "Toblerone" Nguyen

aKDPhi has given me a sense of security where I can constantly turn to not only Active House but Alums for support. I feel like I am in a constant cycle of being around women who uplift and empower everyone around them. 

#160 Kenny "BREAKAWAY" Huỳnh

I always wished to have a home I could feel comfortable and be myself in. I chose aKDPhi because, despite my differences, my sisters have always loved and accepted me for who I am and who I have yet to be.

#155 Camille "oRēnda" Somchith

I wanted to branch outside of my comfort zone and try something completely new to me. I wanted to build connections with like-minded, strong, confident and driven women that would motivate me to be my best self. At first, I was intimidated by greek life, but I felt so welcomed at recruitment events. It felt like the perfect fit for me! I have made so many everlasting bonds that I would never trade for anything in the world⁣.

You've heard our sisters, now you can answer! What drew you to aKDPhi and what do you find most important to you when looking into the sisterhood? 

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